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Historical Dictionary of African American Cinema

Co-authored with S. Torriano Berry, a Howard University professor (2007)
Through a chronology, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an introductory essay, a bibliography, appendixes, black-&-white photos, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on actors, actresses, movies, producers, organizations, awards, film credits, and terminology, this book provides a better understanding of the role African Americans played in film history.


"Magnificent and honest: Venise Berry's writing comes from her soul."

Eric Jerome Dickey
author of Thieves' Paradise and
The Other Woman


"My books are an effort to explore black experience and, at the same time, provide some balance to the problematic stereotypes and myths often attached to African Americans."
-Venise Berry



Wise and funny, Venise Berry is a welcome addition to the literature of contemporary African American Women."

Charlotte Watson Shermin
author of One Dark Body and Touch



"Entertaining... Snappy, real-life characters double dare you to put the book down."

Rosalynd McMillan
author of Knowing,
One Better and Blue Collar Blues

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Colored Sugar Water

The Zora Neale Hurston Society honored Venise in 2003 for
"Creative Contribution
to Literature".

"Berry has superbly dealt with black spirituality from the organized church and religion to voodoo and fortune telling." - Lillian Lewis, Booklist

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Colored Sugar Water

The 50 Most
   Influential Black Films:

A Celebration of African American Talent, Determination & Creativity

Co-authored with S. Torriano Berry, a Howard University professor (2001).

An illustrated guide to 50 of the most important and socially significant movies made for, by and about African Americans in the 20th century.

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All of Me:
A Voluptuous Tale

Received a 2001 Honor Book Award from the Black Caucas of the American Library Association

"Women of all races will find this book funny, sad, inspiring and delightful..."
Library Journal

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So Good

Essence Magazine Blackboard Bestseller 6 months in 1997.

A page turning peek into the
lives of three thirty-something friends struggling to find independence, financial success and true love in the Chocolate City is right on time."
Essence Magazine

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Mediated Message and African American Culture
: Contemporary Issues

Received the Myers Center
Award for the Study of
Human Rights in
North America in 1997

“ Mediated Messages offers a good introductory survey of African American Culture, the media, and the space between interpretation and the production of meaning. By relying on a broad cross-section of media texts and potent contemporary examples this book enhances the scholarship on race, representation and the African American Experience.”
Todd Boyd,
University of Southern California

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