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Praise for So Good

"For those who can't get enough of women's contemporary popular fiction, first-time novelist Venise Berry keeps it coming!"
Emerge's recommended reading

"Berry's novel opens the front door and greets
the reader with a genuine smile of welcome...tracing characters who are real and appealing enough to demand a sequel."
Pubishers Weekly

"Berry will undoubtedly be recognized for her contribution to the African American fiction writers' library shelf and for good reason!"

"Venise Berry's debut novel, So Good, which offers a page turning peek into the lives of three thirtysomething friends struggling to find independence, financial success and true love in the Chocolate City, is right on time."

Passionate and full of life... unforgetable... sure to win over the hearts and minds of readers everywhere."
Cleveland Crusader Urban News


So Good

   So Good explores the ups and downs, gives and takes, changes and compromies that people go through in order to create a love that is -- so good.

   Sundiata Karif, a confident and sucesssful business woman, is getting married to Christian Ologbo, a traditional, Nigerian man. Their story is about the cultural differences they must deal with which includes Chris's mother, Iyoma, who is so unhappy about the marriage that she refuses to attend and, cousin Sylla who pushes family ties to the limit, and the girl back home, Kiara, who Chris was supposed to marry.

   Danielle Mead went to college to find a good man and she met Roger who was finishing law school at Georgetown. They have been married for ten years, with a five-year old daughter Kim, and Danielle has suddenly begun to feel like she missed something. When she gets involved with her young assistant at work, she soon learns that the grass is rarely greener.

   Lisa is Danielle's younger sister and Sundiata's best friend. She is the only one who is not married and her biological clock is banging. When she meets Walter at Sundi's wedding she is intrigued by his charm. Lisa and Walter's whirlwind six month romance culminates in marriage, then she has to deal with who he is versus who she thought he was.


Love is usually demanding, motivating or frustrating
Love is often irrational, painful and unpredictable
Love is sometimes impulsive, oppressive or destructive
But when it's right.... Love is So Good!

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