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Relevant Dialogues
with Venise Berry

Each workshop can be designed
to run from 1 to 5 hours. This interactive seminar will accommodate 20-35 persons. Lecture style presentations can include an unlimited audience number.

Weight and Wellness: Challenging Myths: This workshop or presentation explores women's images and beliefs about themselves and their weight. It will include such topics such as myths, health issues, media images, self-esteem, beliefs, acceptance, approval, love and happiness.

Powerful Plots: Building your novel one layer at a time: This workshop examines what makes popular novels popular. You will begin to develop your own novel with a solid structural base that includes: scenes, chapters, complications, twists and conflicts and characterization. The session will equip you with twelve writing strategies, a structural base, constructive criticism, and much more.

Racialism and the Media:
This presentation explores the mediated ideology of African-American culture. It will include five areas of media: film, television, radio, newspaper, and music. Major contemporary issues are discussed such as modern racism in news, sex, and violence in rap music, black male and female stereotypes in film, and problems in advertising.

Success in the 21st Century: This workshop or presentation focuses on three components of success building: 1) Time Management 2) Self Concept 3) Communication. It will explore concepts such as belief systems, change, motivation, risk taking, adaptation, positive conditioning, habits, and goal setting.


"I'm a teacher at heart so in my workshops and presentations, I strive to not only entertain, but inform. I want to inspire you to think critically, write creatively, and live successfully."

           Venise Berry

Words That Set Us Free: This presentation explores the power of words based on their use and understanding. Examples will include biases, problematic definitions, inferences, manipulation and words that wound found in various speeches, poems, advertising, news, fiction and non-fiction writing.


To schedule a workshop or presentation contact
Venise Berry at:

P. O. Box 5411
Coralville, IA 52241-1200
(319) 335-3361phone
(319) 335-3502fax

Or contact:

Vanessa Lloyd Sgambati
The Literary
1815 Wynnewood Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19151
(215) 877-2012phone
(215) 877-4846fax


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