Venise Torriana Berry


School of Journalism and Mass Comm                     

E340 Adler Journalism Building                                 P. O. Box 5411.                                 

The University of Iowa                                               Coralville, IA   52241                        

Iowa City, IA   52242                                                 (319)  337-7557                     

(319) 335-3361                                                 




Ph.D.     May 1989     The University of Texas,    Austin, Texas 78712

                                    Major: Radio, TV and Film,    Minor: Ethnomusicology

                                    Dissertation:  The Complex Relationship between Pop Music and

                                    Low Income Black Adolescents: A Qualitative Approach.


M.A.     July 1979       The University of Iowa   Iowa City, IA  52242  

                                    Major: Communication Studies


B.A.      May 1977      The University of Iowa   Iowa City, IA  52242  

                                    Major:  Journalism  




Associate Prof                

1998 - Present             School of Journalism and Mass Communication

2006 - Present             African American Studies

The University of Iowa,  Iowa City, IA  52242


Assistant Prof             School of Journalism and Mass Communication, The University of Iowa

1991-1997                   Iowa City, IA 52242  


Lecturer                       School of Music, The University of Texas,  Austin, TX  78712

1990 - 1991   


Associate Prof            Mass Communication,  Huston-Tillotson College,   Austin, TX  78702  

1990 - 1991                Assistant Professor 1983 - 1990      


Instructor                     Telecommunications, Texas Southern University,   Houston, TX  77004 

1980 - 1983         



Associate Director       Undergraduate Studies, School of Journalism and Mass Communication,

2004-Present               The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242


Interim Director           School of Journalism and Mass Communication, The University of Iowa

2001-2002                   Iowa City, IA 52242


Consultant                    Program Evaluation Workshop,  Institute for Social and Economic

Nov 1994/Apr 1996    Development/ ISED,  Iowa City, IA  52240 


Coordinator                  Personal Empowerment Workshop,  Upward Bound Program  

Sum 1993                    Des Moines Area Community College,  Des Moines, IA   50314  


Special Assistant          Worked with the President as College Public Relations Consultant

1990 - 1991                   Huston-Tillotson College Austin, TX  78702


Department Head          Mass Communication,  Huston-Tillotson College,  Austin, TX  78702  

1989 - 1991        


Counselor                      Upward Bound Program,  Huston-Tillotson College   

1986 -1991                     Austin, TX  78702        


Director                          Instructional Improvement and Development Program,  Huston-   

1984 - 1991                    Tillotson College,  Austin, TX  78702   




PR Director                     BerryBooks, Colored Sugar Water  (Dutton 2002), All of Me  (Dutton, 2000),

1993 - Present                 So Good  (Dutton, 1996) The 50 Most Influential Black Films  (Citadel 2001)      Coralville, IA 52241


1990-1991                       Three Year Book,  Huston-Tillotson College,  Austin, TX 78702    


Co-Editor                        Alumni & Friends Magazine, Huston-Tillotson College, Austin, 

Jan - May  1989              TX    78702         


News Director                 KAZI Radio, Austin, TX 78723

1983 – 1986   


News Reporter                KLBJ Radio, Austin, TX  78710

1983 - 1984     


News Director                 KTSU Radio,  Houston, TX 77004 

1982 - 1983         


Asst. News Director        KCOH  Radio, Houston, TX 77004      

1980 - 1983            


Newscaster                      KFRD Radio,  Rosenberg, TX  77471   

1979 - 1980        



May 30, 2003              Creative Contribution to Literature Award, Zora Neale Hurston Society

Oct  11, 2001              Iowa Author Award, Public Library Foundation of Des Moines 

June 18, 2001              Honor Book Award, Black Caucus of the American Library Association

Fall 1999                     Sorors of Achievement Award, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Regional Conference

1997                            The Myers Center Award for the Study of Human Rights in North America

Spring 1996                Service and Dedication Award  NABJ/ NURU  University of Iowa 

Spring 1995                University of Iowa Developmental Assignment   (Spring 1995)

1990-91                       President's Outstanding Achievement Award, Huston-Tillotson College

1989-90                       Outstanding Faculty/ Humanities Division, Huston Tillitson College

1987-88                       United Negro College Fund Doctoral Fellowship

1987-88                       The Juneteenth Community Service Award

1986-87                       Sam Taylor Fellowship/ United Methodist Church

1987-88                       The University of Texas Graduate Fellowship

1985-86                       The University of Texas Graduate Fellowship




Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)

International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)

National Association of Black Journalists  (NABJ)

Kappa Tau Alpha, Journalism Honor Society

Delta Sigma Theta, Public Service Sorority





The University of Iowa  (1991-Present)

            19:095             Media and Consumers  (Undergrad)

19:259             Theories of Popular Culture (Graduate)

            19:090             Social Scientific Foundations of Communication (Undergrad)

            19:165/215      African-Americans and Mass Communication  (Grad/Undergrad)

            19:123/233      Broadcast Reporting and Writing  (Grad/Undergrad)

            19:153/203      Popular Culture and Mass Communication   (Grad/Undergrad)

            19:139/249      Advanced Broadcasting Workshop (Grad/Undergrad)

            19:130/240      Diversity and News (Grad/Undergrad)

            19:130/240      Radio Workshop (Grad/Undergrad)

            36D:099          Screenwriting Correspondence Course


                                    Summer Writer’s Festival,  American University & Howard University

                                    The Hurston/Wright Foundation   (Summer 2006 & 2003)


                        Iowa Summer Writer's Festival,

                                                “Powerful Plots: Building Your Novel One Layer at a Time”


"Writing the Popular Novel"   (1996 - 2004) 


The University of Texas  (1990-91)

                                    The Music of Black Americans


Huston-Tillotson College  (1983-91)   

                                    Introduction to Radio and Television

Media Criticism

                                    Radio Production I

Print/ Layout and Editing

Script Writing


Texas Southern University   (1980-83)

                                    Introduction to Telecommunications

                                    Television Production I

Audio Production I

Media Management



Ph.D. Candidates  - Journalism and Mass Communication:

                                    Chair -   Vanessa Shelton (1996-present)

                                                   Robert Kuennen (2007-present) 

                                                  Alden Weight (2000-2005)


                                Co-Chair –  Christa Ward (2001 - 2003)

               Jim Sernoe (1993-2000)

                                       Sharon Honore (1992-1995)


Member –Arlecia Simmons (2006-present)

     Jim Trammel (2003-Present)

     Ann White (2003-Present)

     Gayane Torosyan (2002-2003)

     Matt Killmeier (2001-2003)

     Eva Tsai  (2000-2002)

                                                     Chiung Chen (1996-2000) 

                                                     Denita Gadsen  (1995-1997)                          

                                                     Lisa McLaughlin  (1992-1993)


Ph.D. Candidates  - Other Departments:

                                   Member – James Pobst – Communication Studies (2006-present)

    Kevin Shroth  Communication Studies (2006-present)

    Anthony Houghton  History (2005-present)   

    Brian Hemphill   Education   (1997- Present)

    Isiah Lavender English (2003-2004)

    Lionel Kimball  History (2001-2004) 

    Kelvyn Moore    Business (1998- 2004)

                                                    John Baskerville  Af-Am World Studies (1993-1997)


Master's Thesis Candidates - Journalism and Mass Communication

                                    Chair –Todd Papke (2006-present)

William Rogers (2003–present)

Pearlie Strothers-Adams (2000-present)

                                                Matthew Killimier (1992-1994)


Co-Chair - Vincent Rodriguez (1994-2002)   


Master's Candidates - Other Departments:

                                    Member - Dabian "Yari" Witherspoon Af-Am World Studies (2004-2005)

Member - Sabrina Madison Cannon - Theater/Dance (1997-1998)


Master's Professional Candiates  -  Journalism and Mass Communication:

                                    Chair – Brian Graves  1998-Present)

Sharon Carrington (1999-2003)

                                                Kelly Jennings (1993-1997)

                                                Terry Collins   (1994-1995) 

                                                Vanessa Shelton   (1993-1994)


                                    Member – Janine Brown (2005-2006)

     Evita Castine (1999-2001)

     Cynthia Canteen (1996- 1997) 

                                                     Janella Newsom (1996-1997)   

                                                     Jennifer Nathanson (1996-1997)  

                                                     Leslie Davis   (1994-1995) 

                                                     Lisa Wilson  (1993-1994) 

                                                     Mildred Jones   (1992-1992)


Honor's Projects - Journalism and Mass Communication

                                                Rebecca Harris (Fall 1998/Spring 1999) 

                                                Willeene Owens (Spring 1997) 

                                                Adam Rice (Spring 1997)    

                                                Rhonda Shause (Fall 1994)


Summer Research Opportunity Program - University

                                                Jason Ridenour (1996)  

                                                Harold Looney (1993)  

                                                Tamara Brown (1994) 


Undergraduate Scholar Assistant Program - University

Kevin Burrell (2003-2004)

Ryan Pierce (2001- 2003)                                          

Lauren Threatte (1999-2000)

                                                Rebecca Harris (1998-1999)   

                                                Jason Ridenour (1994-1998) 

                                                Tara Holiman (1994- 1998)






Journal  Articles:

*Venise T. Berry and Vanessa Shelton  "Watching Music: Interpretations of Visual Music

             Performance,"  Journal of Communication Inquiry,  23:2, April 1999, pp. 132-151.


Venise T. Berry, "Crossing Over: Musical Perceptions of Black Adolescent Culture," Journal of    Popular Music Studies,  5, Summer 1993,  pp. 26-39.


Venise T. Berry,  "Self Concept, Rap Music and Low-Income Black Adolescents," in Popular      

            Music and Society,  13:3,  Fall 1990, pp. 89-109.




Book Chapters:

Venise T. Berry,  "Redeeming the Rap Music Experience,"   in Adolescents and Their Music         

            (Ed.) Jonathan Epstein,  NY: Garland Publishers,  1994, pp. 165-188.


Venise T. Berry,  "From Good Times to the Cosby Show: Perceptions of Televised Black Fathers and Sons,"  in Men, Masculinity, and the Media, (Ed.) Steve Craig,  Newberry Park, CA:       

Sage Publications, 1992,  pp. 111-123.



Fiction Novels:

Venise Berry,  Colored Sugar Water  (Dutton/Penguin/Putnam,  January 2002

Venise Berry,  All of Me,  Dutton/Penguin/Putnam,  January 2000

Venise Berry,   So Good,   Dutton/Penguin/Signet,  August 1996


Non-Fiction Books:

**S. Torriano Berry and Venise T. Berry,  The Historical Dictionary of African American Cinemas, 

Scarecrow Press  Spring 2007


**S. Torriano Berry and Venise T. Berry, The 50 Most Influential Black Films,  Citadel/Kennsington

 Spring 2001


*Venise T. Berry and Carmen Manning-Miller (Eds.), Mediated Messages and African-American Culture: Contemporary Issues, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1996.

             Venise T. Berry - Introduction: Racialism and the Media


Invited Book Chapters:

Venise Berry, “Saving Shalonda” in On The Line, edited by Donna Hill.  Kimani/Sepia  Publishers



Venise Berry, “Driving Miss Venise” in Color Him Father, edited by Stephana Colbert,

Kinship Press,  June 2006.


Venise Berry, “Something Special,” in Proverbs of the People, edited by Tracey Price-Thompson

 and TaReesa Stovall, Kensington,  2003.


*Venise T. Berry and Harold Looney,  "Rap Music, Black Men and the Police,"  in  Mediated        Messages and African-American Culture: Contemporary Issues,  Thousand Oaks, CA:          

            Sage Publications, 1996, pp. 263-277.


Venise T. Berry,  "Feminine or Masculine: The Conflicting Nature of Female Images in Rap Music," 

             in Cecilia Reclaimed: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Music  (Eds.) Susan   

            Cook and Judy Tsou,  Chicago: The University of Illinois Press, 1994, pp. 183-201.  



*Venise T. Berry and Kim Karloff,  "Perspectives on the Gulf War in Popular Black Magazines," 

in Viewing War: How the Media Handled the Persian Gulf  (Eds.) Lauren Rabinovitz and  

            Susan Jeffords,  New Jersey: Rutgers University Press,  1994, pp. 249-269.


Other Writing:

Venise Berry, “Learning to Layer” in Write Now: Writing Exercises by Today’s Best Writers and

Teachers, edited by Sherry Ellis, Tarcher Press, 2006.


Venise Berry, Venise Berry Biography, in 101+ Iowa Writers, editor Barry Benson, Des Moines,

IA, Spring 2006.


Venise Berry  Powerful Plots, a Blueprint for Novels and Screenplays   A handbook on developing

the plot and structure of a novel or screenplay  Iowa Summer Writing Festival  2006-1998.


Venise Berry,  "Start From Where You Are,"  in Living Free Within Ourselves: Lessons for Black

            Writers  by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Doubleday.  December 1999.


***Venise Berry, Time and Chance an Iowa Murder Mystery, University of Northern Iowa:

            KUNI/KHKE, 1998, pp. 37-48.


Venise Berry,  "Write the Popular Novel," Writers Digest, Vol. 78, No. 10, October 1998,

            pp. 21-23.


Venise Berry, "What External Factor has the biggest Impact on the fiction writing process today?

             in Chat Room, Fiction Writer,  May 1998, p. 67.


Venise T. Berry, "Success Stories: People Who've Made It,"  Planning Job Choices 1998:

            Minorities Edition,  Bethlehem, Pa: National Association of Colleges and Employers,         

            1998, *E100.




Book Reviews:

Graceland by Chris Abani, in Iowa Alumni Magazine, University of Iowa, December 2005.


African American Viewers and the Black Situation Comedy: Situating Racial Humor by Robin R.

Means Coleman, forward by Alvin Poussaint in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Department of

 Sociology, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, (2001).


Whitewash Racialized Politics and the Media by John Gabriel, in Ethnic and Racial Studies,

Department of  Sociology, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, (1999).


"The Notion of Soul"` A Review Essay for Just My Soul Responding: Rhythm and Blues,

            Black Consciousness, and Race Relations by Brian Ward, California Soul:

            Music of African Americans in the West  edited by Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje and

            Eddie S. Meadows, and Soul: Black Power, Politics and Pleasure,  edited by Monique

            Guillory and Richard C. Green.  In Journal of Communication (1999).



Fear of the Dark: Race Gender and Sexuality in Cinema by L. Young in Ethnic and Racial Studies,

            Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, United Kingdom.  Vol 22, No 6,

            November 1999.


She Bop  by  Lucy O'Brien in Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture,  The George Washington University: Washington, DC. Fall 1997.


Black Noise by Tricia Rose in American Music: A Quarterly Journal,  London: Wesleyan  

            University Press, Vol 14, No 2. Summer 1996.


Bring the Noise: a Guide to Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture by Havelock Nelson and Michael      Gonzales in Notes: Quarterly Journal of Music Library Association , Harmony Books,     

            Vol 49,  March 1993.


Signifying Rappers: Rap and Race in the Urban Present  by Mark Costello and David Foster        

Wallace in Notes: Quarterly Journal of Music Library Association on, Ecco Press 1990,    

            Vol  48, June 1992.




Venise T. Berry, ""Feminine or Masculine: The Conflicting Nature of Female Images in Rap         

Music," in Women Images and Realities: A Multicultural Anthology, editor

            Amy Kesselman, Lily McNair and Nancy Schniedewind, Mayfield Publishing Company,

            3rd Edition  2002,  2nd Edition  1998.


Venise T. Berry,  "Redeeming the Rap Music Experience," in Speculations: Readings in Culture, 

Identity and Values, (Ed.) Charles Shuster and William Van Pelt,  Englewood Cliffs, NJ:

Prentis Hall/Blair Press, 2nd Edition, 1996.




*Venise T. Berry,  Matt Killmeier, Jason Ridenour and Ryan Pierce,  The Rap Experience: Framing

            and Fandom,  Examines the interpretations of 150 rap music fans in relation to

controversial issues like violence, racism and sexism, 


Venise T. Berry   I Used to be a Rap Music Fan: Racialism and the Media   An analysis of mediated

images and messages about  African American culture.   It examines the process of normalizing

racial ideologies specifically as it relates to the creation of meaning or understanding based on

stereotypes, myths, biases, stigmas and other problematic assumptions that can ultimately influence personal experience, cultural identity, and social policy.


*Venise Berry  Reflections on a Higher Power: Exceptional Writers Share Their Experience with Faith,

            Spirituality and Divine Intervention   An edited book of inspirational essays by published and

            unpublished authors on their connection to a higher power.


Venise T. Berry  Reflecting Self: Black Women’s Signifying in Contemporary African American

Literature  An examination of various forms of signifying in popular black novels by Terry

McMillian, Valerie Wilson Wesley, Venise Berry, Sista Souljah and others.


Venise Berry  Career Women  Fourth novel examining the dynamics of personal relationships when

             Black woman, who are expected to nurture and give, choose to pursue a career as well.


Venise Berry   Pockets of Sanity   Fifth novel exploring black elitism.  Academia versus the ghetto –

The main character grew up in the Philadelphia hood.  She is a child psychology scholar at

Temple University and despises everything urban.  She will learn to see her past with new eyes.


**Vershawn Young and Venise T. Berry  Stranger Fruit  A short story about black on black lynching.


Venise T. Berry   "Joel Fluellen, Film and the Politics of Race"  Historical article that examines       blacklisting and discrimination through the film career of Joel Fluellen in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.





Aug 2004-2005           Free Within Ourselves: A Celebration of Black Art and Literature,

$2000                          President’s Arts and Humanities Initiative, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Summer 1993              Old Gold Fellowship to work on Mediated Messages and African

$5,000                         American Culture



Aug 1993-1994           Howard University Research Grant in conjunction with S. Torriano Berry 

$9, 000                        for work on 50 Most Influential Black Films, Washington, DC.  


Oct 1991-1992            Instructional Improvement and Development Grant - Title III/ Microwave

$67.000                       Television Station    Huston-Tillotson College  Austin, TX


Apr 1991                     Behind the Scenes: Blacks in the "New Hollywood"   Saturday

$3,000                         Symposium  -  LBJ Foundation/ American  Airlines     U-T School of                                                          Communication     Huston-Tillotson College   Austin, TX


Dec 1998                     Radio Station Training Facility Grant    Ewing-Hassel Foundation 

$10.000                       Huston-Tillotson College   Austin, TX




Colored Sugar Water

Dec   2003                   The Baltimore Sun

Nov 25, 2003              Investors Business Daily

Oct 20, 2003               A Writer's Tale

May 2002                    Ebony Magazine

Apr 3, 2002                 The Portland Skanner

Mar 2002                    The Citizen Chicago

Mar 2002                    Chicago Defender

Mar 20-26, 2002         Michigan Chronicle

Mar 2002                    Milwaukee Times

Feb/Mar 2002             Today’s Black Woman

Feb 27, 2002               IC Press Citizen,

50  Famous

Jan 24, 2002                The Daily Iowan

Jan 20, 2002                The Des Moines Register

Jan 16, 2002                Houston Style Magazine

Jan 13, 2002                Fort Worth Star Telegram

Jan 7, 2002                  Publishers Weekly



Jan/Feb 2002               Black Issues Book Review

Jan 2002                      Black Express Book Club

Jan 2002                      Blackboard Times

Nov 1, 2001                Booklist 

Oct  2001                    Kirkus Reviews

Oct 15, 2001               New York Trend


50 Influential Black Films

June 2004                    Iowa City Press Citizen

Mar/Apr 2002             Black Issues Book Review

Feb 24, 2002               Quad City Times

Jan 2002                      Black Men Magazine

Dec 26, 2001               Cedar Rapids Gazette 

Sept 14, 2001              Kansas City Call





All of Me                   

Nov 20, 2001              State Reader’s Circle, Columbia, SC

Nov 13, 2001              State Reader’s Circle,  Columbia, SC

Oct 16, 2001               State Reader’s Circle, Columbia, SC

May 10, 2001              Bay State Banner

Feb/Mar 2000             Belle Magazine

Feb 12, 2000               Tennessee Tribune

Feb 10, 2000               Iowa City Press Citizen

Feb 10, 2000               Iowa City Gazette

Feb 2000                     ICON

Feb 2000                     Heart and Soul Magazine

Feb 2000                     Emerge Magazine

Feb 2000                     Bookpage

Feb 2000                     Iowa City Press Citizen

Feb 2000                     Iowa City Gazzette

Feb 2000                     Carolina Peacemaker,

Greensboro, NC

Jan/Feb 2000               Black Issues Book Review

Jan 2000                      Community Voice, Ft.

Myers, FL

Jan 2000                      The Skanner, Portland,


Jan 2000                      Weekly Challenger,

St. Petersburg, FL

Dec 1999                     Library Journal

Dec 1999                     Mademoiselle

Nov 1, 1999                Booklist

Oct 25,1999                Publishers Weekly


So Good    

Apr  1997                    Today's Black Woman


Spring 1997                The Spectator

Feb 9, 1997                 Austin-American


Feb 1997                     Essence Magazine,  #2

Blackboard Bestseller

Jan 1997                      Upscale Magazine,  Top

Ten Novels of 1996

Jan   1997                    Essence Magazine,  #3

Blackboard Bestseller

Nov 24, 1996              Indianapolis Star 

Nov 3, 1996                Washington Post

Oct 13, 1996               Rockford Register Star

Sept  1996                   Essence Magazine 

Sept 1996                    Emerge Magazine Listing

Sept 1996                    Ebony Magazine Listing

Sept 1996                    Jackson Sun

Sept 20, 1996              The Daily Iowan

Sept 15, 1996              Potomac News 

Sept 10, 1996              Republican-American


Sept 10, 1996              Public Opinion


Sept 8, 1996                The Washington Post

Sept 8, 1996                Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Sept 8, 1996                Daily Press Virginia

Sept 5, 1996                Crusader Urban News


Sept 2, 1996                Iowa City Press Citizen  

Aug 31, 1996              Washington Afro-


Aug 27, 1996              The Des Moines Register 

Aug 19, 1996              Kirkus Reviews

July 1996                    Booklist

June 17,  1996             Publishers Weekly

June 30, 1996              Cedar Rapids Gazzette




Mediated Messages and African American Culture: Contemporary Issues

Summer 1997              Journal of Communication

Winter 1997                Journalism and Mass

Communication Quarterly






Colored Sugar Water

Nov 20, 2004              Literary Café, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Chicago, IL

Aug 7, 2004                National Black Book Club Conference,  Atlanta, GA

Nov 15, 2003              Humanities Public Forum "Words that set us free", Milwaukee, WI

Oct 18, 2003               Prince William County Public Library System, Prince William, VA

Oct 18, 2003               Largo-Kettering Public Library, Largo, MD

Oct 9, 2003                 Writer's in the Round, Middle Tennessee State Univ, Murfreesburo, TN

Sept  9, 2003               Keynote, Literary Luncheon, Ottumwa Women's Club, Ottumwa, IA

June 21, 2003              Book Festival, Seattle Washington

May 30/31, 2003         Keynote, Zora Neale Hurston Society, Baltimore, MD

April 26, 2003             Delta Authors on Tour,  Washington, DC.

April 12, 2003             Delta Literary Luncheon, Peoria, IL

Mar 22, 2003              Pearl Bailey Library, Newport News, VA

Oct 12, 2002               African American Women on Tour, Philadelphia, PA

Sept 28, 2002              Baltimore Book Festival, Baltimore, MD

Sept 25, 2002              Black Authors on Tour,  Bowie State Univ, Bowie, MD

Aug 15, 2002              Black Caucus of ALA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Aug 7, 2002                Broward County Library,  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Aug 1, 2002                NABJ Author Pavillion, Milwaukee, WI

July 23. 2002              Delta Literary Cafe, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.  Atlanta, GA

July 20-23, 2002         Atlanta Book Festival,  Atlanta, GA

June 6, 2002                Sisterfriends Book Club , Charlotte, NC

June 1, 2002                Go On Girl Book Club,  Indianapolis, IN

May 29, 2002              Cedar Rapids Library Live

Apr 26-27, 2002         Delta Authors on Tour,  Chicago, IL

Mar 2002                    In Black American, NPR Radio  Austin, TX

Mar 29, 2002              Live from Java House,  Iowa City, IA

Mar 23, 2002              African American Images,  Chicago, IL

Mar 22, 2002              Apple Books, Detroit, MI

Mar 22, 2002              Truth Books, Southfield, MI

Mar 20, 2002              Karibu Books, Hayattsville, MD

Mar 19, 2002              Reprint Books, Washington , DC

Mar 16, 2002              Reader’s Choice,  Milwaukee, WI

Mar 14, 2002              University of Chicago,  Chicago, IL

Mar 14, 2002              Triton College,  Chicago, IL

Mar 8-9, 2002             Atlantic Bookpost, Norfolk, VA

Feb 9, 2002                 Borders Books, Des Moines, IA

Jan 26, 2002                Enoch Pratt Library Booklover’s Breakfast, Baltimore, MD

Jan 24, 2002                Prairie Lights Books, Iowa City, IA

Jan 20, 2002                Black Images Books, Dallas, TX

Jan 19, 2002                Shrine of the Black Madonna, Houston, TX

Jan 17, 2002                Medu  Books,  Atlanta, GA

Jan 17, 2002                African Spectrum Books, Atlanta, GA


All of Me

April 16-18 2004        Empowerment Weekend,  "Weight & Wellness:, Sedona, AZ

Aug 25, 2001              African American Women on Tour,  Atlanta, GA

July 6-7, 2001             Essence Music Festival,  New Orleans, LA

May 12, 2001              Mother’s Day with Ebony Magazine,  Chicago, IL

Apr 28, 2001               Delta Authors on Tour, Chicago, IL

Apr 7, 2001                 Today’s Black Woman Expo, Chicago, IL

Mar 4,  2000               YWCA Book Fair, Waterloo, IA

Feb 25, 2000               Borders, Des Moines, IA

Feb 24, 2000               Barnes and Nobel, Cedar Rapids, IA

Feb 18, 2000               Afrocentric Books, St. Louis, MO

Feb 14, 2000               University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

Feb 10, 2000               Prairie Lights Books, Iowa City, IA

Jan 15, 2000                Health and Wellness Expo, Convention Center, Washington, DC

Jan 13, 2000                Sibanye Books, Baltimore, MD

Jan 12, 2000                Largo-Kettering Library, Largo, MD

Jan 11, 2000                Alexander Book Company, San Francisco, CA

Jan 11, 2000                Marcus Books, Oakland, CA

Jan 10, 2000                Eso Wan Books, Los Angeles, CA

Jan 8, 2000                  Medu Books, Atlanta GA

Jan 7, 2000                  Apple Book Center, Detroit MI



So Good                     

Aug 19. 1999              Barnes and Nobel Summer Writer Series, Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan 30, 1999                Barnes and Nobel, Iowa City, IA

Nov 14, 1998              KUNI University of Northern Iowa, Waterloo, IA

Sept 29, 1997              Literary Cafe - Emilys, New York, NY

Sept 28, 1997              Chinn Park Regional Library,  Prince William, VA

Sept 27, 1997              Sibanye Inc. Baltimore Book Festival, Baltimore, MD

July 26, 1997              Delta Sigma Theta Regional Book Signing, Denver, CO

July 20, 1997              Medgar Evans Literary Series, Indianapolis, IN

July 17, 1997              NABJ Literary Cafe, Chicago, IL

June, 28, 1997             Black Writers Literary Renaissance Series, Memphis, TN

June 25, 1997              Iowa Summer Writer's Reading Series, Iowa City, IA

May 30, 1997              American Booksellers Association Book Expo, Chicago, IL

May, 3, 1997               Sister to Sister Conference, St. Louis, MO

Apr  6, 1997                Rudicill Library Books, Tulsa, OK

Apr  5, 1997                Hastings Books, Denton, TX

Apr 4, 1997                 The Black Bookworm, Fort Worth, TX

Apr 4, 1997                 Afro Awakenings Books, Arlington, TX

Apr 3, 1997                 Black Images Books, Dallas, TX

April 1, 1997               Grambling University, Grambling, LA

Mar 31, 1997              Folktales Books, Austin, TX

Mar 29, 1997              Nia's Books and Gallery, Houston, TX

Mar  28, 1997             Shrine of the Black Madonna, Houston, TX

Mar  25, 1997             Reflections Books, Batonrouge, LA

Mar 23, 1997              Community Book Store,  New Orleans, LA

Mar 22, 1997              Sidewalk University Books, Memphis, TN

Mar 21, 1997              Afrobooks,  Memphis, TN

Mar 15, 1997              Expo for Today's Black Women, Chicago, IL

Mar 2, 1997                Afro Books and Things, Miami, FL

Mar 1, 1997                Montsho Books, Orlando FL

March 1, 1997             Books for Thought, Tampa, FL

Feb 28, 1997               Pyramid Books, Boynton Beach, FL

Feb 27, 1997               Tenaj Books, Fort Pierce, FL

Feb 22, 1997               African American Women's Conference, Des Moines, IA

Feb 13, 1997               Barnes and Noble, Cedar Rapids, IA

Dec 20-21, 1996         Afrocentric Books, KWANZAA Expo, St. Louis, MO

Dec 14, 1996               Culturally Speaking Books, Kansas City, MO

Dec 13, 1996               Cultural Expressions,  Kansas City, KN

Dec 7, 1996                 Medu Books, Atlanta, GA

Dec 6, 1996                 Cafe Echelon, Atlanta, GA

Nov 30, 1996              Shrine of the Black Madonna, Detroit, MI

Nov 29, 1996              Truth Books Northland Mall, Detroit, MI

Sept 8, 1996                Prairie Lights Books,  Iowa City, IA

Aug 31, 1996              Borders Books,  Des Moines, IA

Aug  27, 1996             Shrine of the Black Madonna, Atlanta, GA

Aug  24, 1996             SisterSpace and Books,  Washington, DC

Aug  26, 1996             Howard University Bookstore,  Washington, DC





Jan 13, 2007                Keynote Statewide Founders Day – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Oct 12, 2007               Sports & Media panel moderator – University of iowa IMU

Sept 29, 2006              Women, Weight and Wellness Workshop – Af-Am Historical Museum C.R.

July 14-15, 2006         Powerful Plots Workshop, Black Writers Conference, Dallas, TX

May 18-20, 2006        Driving Miss Venise Presentation, BEA Conference, Washington , DC

Feb 20, 2006               Words that Set Us Free Presentation, Des Moines Area Community College,

Des Moines, IA

Jan 28, 2006                Presentation, Words That Set Us Free, I’ll Make Me a World,  Iowa Commission

                                                on the Status of African Americans, Des Moines, IA

Oct 13, 2005               Presentation, Still So Good, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA

July 8-9, 2005             Choices: Writer’s Workshop,  Readers Choice Books, Milwaukee, WI

May 14-17, 2005        Writers Retreat, sponsored by Atlantic Bookpost, Monterey, CA

Feb 10, 2005               University of North Dakota, Black Cultural Center, Weight and Wellness

Workshop, and Racialism and Media presentation

Jan 19, 2005                African American Cultural Center, Weight and Wellness workshop,

IMU Iowa City, IA

Nov 5-6, 2004             Association of Black Cultural Centers Conference,  "The Rap Experience:

Exploring Fandom, University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN

Oct 15, 2004               International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference,

"The Rap Experience: Exploring Fandom,   University of Virginia, 

Charlottesville, VA.

Oct 7, 2004                 Keynote Speaker, Waypoint Banquet, Collins Plaza, Cedar Rapids, IA.

July 23, 2004              Reflections Presentation, 35th Anniversary of African American Cultural Center,

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

July 9, 2004                CIC/SROP Presentation, Union Wheelroom, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.

April 22, 2004             Luncheon Keynote, "Words that Set Us Free", Professional Women's Network,

Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan 13, 2004                Martin Luther King Panel, Museum of Art, sponsored by UI Staff Council


Aug, 1, 2003               AEJMC Panelist  "Audience Research: Rap Music Fandom"  Kansas City, MO.

June 8, 2003                Keynote, National Black Child Development Institute, Des Moines, IA

May 3, 2003                Speaker, Knox College,  "Hip, Hop Conference", Galesburg, IL

Apr 10, 2003               Speaker, Simpson College English and Women’s Studies, Indianola, IA 

Mar 26, 2003              Speaker, Miami University Women’s and Multicultural Enrichment Centers, 

Oxford, OH

Feb 28, 2003               Keynote, Hip Hop Conference, Central College, Pella, IA

Feb 25, 2003               Final Judge for Write O.N.N. Contest sponsored by One Nation News and

The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, MN

Oct 16, 2002               National Love Your Body Day Speaker, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

June 23, 2002              Panelist, Annual Black Film Festival Panel, The Links Inc., Des Moines, IA

Apr 5, 2002                 Keynote 3rd National Diversity Conference in Academic Libraries, Iowa City, IA

Jan 15-15, 2002          MLK Speaker, University of North Dakota,  Grand Forks, ND

Sept 22, 2001              50 most Influential Black Films - UMMA Presentation,  Kansas City, MO

Mar 8-9, 2001             Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI

Feb 1, 2001                 Gastonia College Presentation, Gastonia, NC

Jan 16, 2001                Forest Avenue Library Presentation, Des Moines, IA

Feb 26-27, 2000          Panelist- Film in the 21st. Century, Links Black Film Festival, Des Moines, IA

Feb 12, 2000               Keynote - Tennessee Tribune Literary Luncheon, Nashville, TN

Dec  3, 1999                Panelist – “Publishing Tips”  Minorities & Communication Division, AEJMC

Oct 29, 1999               Luncheon Keynote - The Greater Waterloo Chapter- National Association of

Black Social Workers,  Waterloo, IA.

July 9, 1999                "Newsroom to Classroom," Unity Conference - NABJ, Seattle, WA.

May 17, 1999              "Weight and Wellness” and “Racialism”, Knox College, Galesburg, IL

Mar 13, 1999              Luncheon Keynote - Sister's in Good Company Conference, Cedar Rapids, IA

Mar 4, 1999                African American Women's Conference, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Sept 25-26, 1998         United Minority Media Association Conference, Kansas City, MO.

Apr 14, 1998               "African American Women in Media"   University of  Arkansas                                                                               Symposium,  Little Rock, AK

Apr 4, 1998                 A Celebration of the Book Conference, University of Missouri,  Columbia, MO

Feb 28, 1998               Mind, Body and Soul Conference, Iowa  Commission on the Status of African

Americans,  Davenport,  IA.

Feb 25, 1998               "Spiritual Connections," Women's Archives, University of Iowa,  Iowa City, IA.

Feb 23, 1998               Black Student Center Presentation, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA.

Oct 3, 1997                 African American Studies Popular Culture Forum,  Iowa State Univ.,  Ames, IA

Apr 5, 1997                 "Moving Toward Empowerment” Texas Women's Symposium, Denton, TX

Mar 15, 1997              "Racialism and Media Panel"  Expo for Today's Black Women, Chicago, IL

Oct 4-7, 1995              "Rap Music, Black Men and the Police," IASPM,  Nashville, TN

Aug 9-13, 1994           AEJMC,  Minorities and Communication Division, Atlanta, GA

Aug 1993                    AEJMC, African-Americans, Mass Communication and Cultural Politics Panel,

Qualitative Division, Kansas City, MO

July 1993                    International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Stockton, CA

Feb 1993                     "On The Beat: Rock 'n' Rap, Mass Media and Society,  Columbia, MO

Nov 1992                    "Communication Strategies,"  The Way Up X Conference,   Cedar Rapids, IA

October 1992              “Watching Music” IASPM, Denton, TX,

Aug 1992                    AEJMC, "Black Men, and the Rodney King Verdict, "  Montreal, Canada

Aug 1992                    AEJMC, "Limited Vision: Black Female Representation in Independent                                                                   Black Films,"   Montreal, Canada.

Mar 1991                    "Pop-Crossover,"  Popular  Culture Association, San Antonio, TX

Feb 1991                     "Instructional Improvement Strategies,"  Enhancing Teaching Conference, 

Charleston, SC

Nov 1990                    "Televised Images of African-American Males" Speech Communication

Association,  Chicago, IL

Nov 1990                    “Conflicting Female Images in Rap,” Society for Ethnomusicology, Oakland, CA

May 1990                    International Association for the Study of Popular Music,  New Orleans, LA

Jan 1990                      Instructional Improvement Strategies," National Title III Conference,  

Washington, DC

Nov 1989                    Minority Scholars Lecture Series, San Jose State University,   San Jose, CA

May 1989                    National Black Graduate Student Conference, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Nov 1988                    Minority Scholars Program, The University of Texas, Austin, TX

Nov 1987                    Society for Ethnomusicology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI





Committee Membership: Member Executive (2004- present, 2002-03, 1996-97, 1995-96), Chair Undergraduate Program (Spring 2003, 2004-present),  Leave Policy Committee (Fall 2006), Chair, McLeese Tenure Review (2006-07), Member Tenure for Eko (2005-06), Chair Cone’s Third Year Review (2004-05), Murray Lecturer Search (2003-04), Chair Resource Center (2002-04),  Member New Building (1999-2004), Member Professional Faculty Search (2002-03, 1992-93), Chair Cultural Diversity  (2002-03, 1997-98, 1991-92, 1992-93) - Member (1996-97, 1993-94),  Chair Broadcast Search (1999-2001),  Member Merit (Spring 2000),  Interim Chair Graduate Admissions (Fall 1999),  Member  Curriculum (1998-99  1995-96).   Member IHSPA Job Search (1997-98).  Chair Scholarship (1993-96) - Member (1992-93).  Member Adjunct Video (1994-95)


Coordinate judging for Iowa Press Women’s Communication Contest  (February/March 2005)


Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies (Fall 2004-Present)


Building Campaign Fundraising Committee (1999-2005)


Faculty Advisor for Student Chapter of National Association of Black Journalists and Advisor of NURU Newspaper,  (1992- Present). 


NABJ/NURU 10th Anniversary Celebration (April 5, 2003).


Coordinated Terrace Hill Reception by First Lady Christie Vilsack for School of Journalism and Mass

Communication (September 23, 2002).


Manuscript Reviewer for Journal of Communication Inquiry,  (1991- Present).




African American Studies advisory group (Fall 2005)


Member of African American World Studies Committee for College of Liberal Arts (2005)


Member- African-American Council,  (1991- Present), Persistence to Graduation Committee (Fall 1999-2000), Search Committee for Assistant Vice Provost for Diversity and Director of Opportunity at Iowa (Spring 1998),  Graduate Opportunity Program Fellowship Committee  (1995-96) (1993-1994)


Co-Chair of Post-Grutter Diversity Committee with Associate Provost Pat Cain (2004-Present)


Co-chair the Black Cultural Network,  coordinating Free Within Ourselves: A Celebration of Black Art and Literature  at the UI Museum of Art (April 30, 2005)




SHROP Panel, Opportunity at Iowa, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (June 28, 2005)


Panelist, Staff Council MLK Celebration, Museum of Art,  Iowa City, IA (January 13, 2004)


Coordinated campus presentation by Rapper/Activist Chuck D, formerly with Public Enemy

Approximately            800 students attended (Oct 24, 2001).


Opportunity at Iowa Keynote – Success Strategies for the New Millenium, Iowa City, IA. 

(April 9, 2001)           


Sister Connection Workshop – Women, Weight and Wellness, Iowa City, IA. (March 31, 2001)


Speaker, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Miss Alpha Pageant (February 20, 1999).


ACE Women's Leadership Seminar, University of Iowa  (October 16, 1998).


Participant with Iowa Humanities Board Speakers Bureau (1993- Present).  IHB Presentation - Music, Communication and African-Americans at Cedar Rapids Library  (November 13, 1995).


Speaker for Media Panel, Breaking Barriers: Building Bridges, Human Rights Convocation,

(January 1992).



Debut Fiction Judge for the Hurston Wright Literary Awards, Reception in Hudson Theater, New York, NY  (November 1, 2005)


Editorial Board Member:  Journalism Monographs and Journalism Educator  (2003-Present)


AEJMC - National Teaching Standards Committee (1998- Present ).  Head Elect of Minorities Division (August 1996-97),  Vice-Head Elect  (August 1995-96),  Executive Committee Member (1994-95),  Professional Freedom and Responsibility Chair (1994-95).


Co-organizer IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music) National Conference 2001, Executive Board Member (1995-2001),  Membership Secretary/Treasurer (IASPM)  (1991-1995).


Distinguished Scholar    Popular Culture Lecture Series   Stanford University, CA  

(April 22 & 23, 1994).


Manuscript Reviewer for:    Journal of Popular Music Studies (1991- Present)

                                            Ethnic and Racial Studies (1998-Present)

                                            American Music: A Quarterly Journal  (1994-2000)

                                            Howard Journal of Communication (1996-2000)


Leadership for a New Century Program National Institute for Leadership Development - Arizona State University,  Tempe, AZ  Jan 26 - Feb 1, 1991.


AEJMC Paper Competition Reviewer -  Minorities & Communication (1997-2003), Qualitative Division (1995 &1996),  Minorities & Communication  (1994 - 1996), Visual Ethics  (1993 & 1994),  Mass Communication and Society paper competition, (1994),  Radio/Television Division  (1993).


Invited Moderator for panel on Gender and Cultural Difference at Feminist Theory and Music: Toward a Common Language Conference, School of Music, The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN,   (June 1991).




Fall Festival Heritage Christian School, North Liberty, IA  (November 2005).


Bethel A.M.E. Fundraising Committee, Iowa City, IA (Fall 2005)


Career Speaker at City High School Minority Forum , Iowa City, IA   (May 17, 2005)


Bethel AME New Building Committee, Iowa City, IA  (2003-Present)


Career Day,  Heritage Christian School, North Liberty, IA  (October 16, 2003)


Keynote, Beyond Rubies, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA  (Mar 20, 2003).       


Weight & Wellness presentation, Meth-Wick Community Center,  Cedar Rapids, IA 

(January 3, 2003).


Panelist,  Junteenth Celebration,  Cedar Rapids Library, Cedar Rapids, IA.  (June 19, 2002)


Reading for Children, Sycamore Mall,  Iowa City, IA  (April 13, 2002).


Emma Goldwin Presentation – Women, Weight and Wellness, Iowa City, IA.  (February 16, 2001).


Speaker, Reading-In Series at Southeast Junior High School (February 7, 2000).


Moderator of Community Leadership and Media Panel  sponsored by Iowa City Chamber of Commerce and Ginsbergs Jewelers  (March 8, 1996).



Hurston-Wright Foundation, Judge of Debut Fiction for Hurston-Wright Legacy Awards (2004-2005)


Mauck-Stoffer Conference - Racialism Workshop, Iowa Newspaper Association, Des Moines, IA

(October 10, 2002).


Journalism Career Presentation, Bogan High School, Chicago, IL.  (April 26, 2002).


Poynter Institute for Media Studies Fellowship - Participant in workshops on Broadcast News: Ethics, Coaching and Evaluation,  St. Petersburg, FL,  (June 2-9, 1993)


Member/Center for Black Music Research - Columbia College, Chicago, IL  (1994-2000).


Invited panelist for National Association of Broadcasters Regional Radio Licensing Workshops

Kansas City, MO  (September 28, 1995).


Discussant for Radio Broadcasting in the United States, International Visitor Program

Communication Studies,  (June 1992).


Presenter, Iowa High School Press Association State Conference.  "Sensitivity and the News," Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa, October 11, 1995.