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Racialismcover2How does the media shape racial issues and influence our beliefs?

      The nature of racial ideology has changed in our society. Yes, there are still ugly racists who push uglier racism, but there are also popular constructions of race routinely woven into mediated images and messages. In the twenty-first century, we need a more nuanced understanding of racial constructions. Denouncing anything and everything problematic as racist or racism simply does not work, especially if we want to move toward a real solution to America’s race problem.

      Racialism includes, but moves beyond traditional racism. It involves images, ideas, and issues that are produced, distributed, and consumed repetitively and intertextually based on stereotypes, biased framing, and historical myths about African                                                                                                                  American culture. These representations are normalized through                                                                                                  the media, ultimately shaping and influencing  societal ideology                                                                                                    and behavior.

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