Workshops & Presentations

         Venise Berry conducts a variety of workshops and presentations. She has establish herself as a talented and entertaining national speaker.  Each workshop or presentation can be designed to run from  60 to 90 minutes.  An interactive version will accommodate a maximum of 25-35 persons.  Lecture style can be increased to 25+ persons. 

Writing a Book Proposal – In this workshop you will begin to develop your own novel with a solid structural base that includes: scenes, chapters, complications, twists, conflicts and characterization. 

Racialism and the Media – This presentation explores the mediated ideology of African-American culture with examples from film, television, radio, newspaper, and music.  Major contemporary issues are discussed such as racialism in news, sex and violence in rap music, black male and female images in film, and advertising concerns.

Success Strategies in the 21st Century – This can be a workshop or presentation. It focuses on three components of success building:  1) communication 2) time management 3)self-concept.  It will explore belief systems, change, motivation, risk taking, adaptation, positive conditioning, habits, and goal setting.

Weight and Wellness: Challenging Myths – This can be a workshop or presentation. It explores women’s images and beliefs about themselves and their weight.  It will include topics such as myths, health issues, media images, self-esteem, beliefs, acceptance, approval, love and happiness.

Food for the Spirit –  This can be a workshop or presentation. It focuses on spiritual and physical concepts that will help participants to reach for their full potential.  Areas covered include: loving yourself, positivity, beliefs and behavior, divine purpose, and letting go. 

Words That Set You Free – This presentation explores the power of language by offering a critique of prominent speeches. It examines words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama, and others. If we listen, we can hear the words as they magically link together to create powerful rhythms of thought which shape our personal and social visions of reality.  If we listen, words can set us free.